TTTT Test instructions

Tests run using TTTT, via python script loaded onto the raspberry pi.

To set up these tests (assuming TTTT is programmed but no other setup has been done), run the following commands:

$ python3 setup

This will set number of bunch crossing per orbit, and activate trigger rules

$ python3 setRate 400

This sets the random trigger rate to 75 kHz

$ python3 start

This will begin the flow of triggers from the TTTT.

If the green LED on the far right of the TTTT is not lit, write the following command to attempt to establish TCDS lock:

$ python3 lockOn

Program the AMC13 under test with desired firmware and connect with AMC13Tool2. If the TTTT is configured but the AMC13 is not in run mode, you can read out a test TTS signal from the AMC13 by writing the following registers.


>wv CONF.TTS_TEST_PATTERN 0xF (or any other value between 0-F)

On the pi, run the following command to see that the correct TTS test counter has been counting (should be 100 + your chosen value):

$ python3 ttsReport
Iterating through TTS counter registers (100-1FF), searching for non-zero entries...
non-zero counter found on TTS reg 10f: 0x00000000000000FF

TTS counters can be reset to 0 by running the command:

$ python3 resetCount

To run with fake data from the AMC13, in AMC13Tool run the command:

>en 1-4 n f

resetCount on the TTTT, then type 'start' into AMC13Tool to begin the run.

If you have AMC13s configured with the "Fake AMC device" firmware, T1: 100c, you can run with them by filling them into slots 1-4 on the crate and configuring them by connecting to each and running the following commands to set the event size range:

>wv 0x18 0x400
>wv 0x19 0x1200

Then connect back to the main AMC13 and run:

>en 1-4 n

resetCount on the TTTT, then type 'start' into AMC13Tool to begin the run.

-- Christopher Cosby - 02 Sep 2022

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