ipmitool usage

Simply put, ipmitool is a tool used to send IPMI commands. There is a copy in /home/daq/bin and in /home/msdim/ipmi/ipmitool-1.8.11/src on cms1.

For our uses, the syntax for use is as follows:

./ipmitool -H < ip address > -P < password > -T < transit address for bridge > -B < transit channel for bridge > \
-t < target address > -b < target channel > < ipmitool command > < net function > < IPMI command > < data >

In general, use:

./ipmitool -H < ip address > -P "" -T 0x82 -B 0 -t 0x14 -b 7 raw 0x30 < IPMI cmd > 0 0 < register >

By default, the MCH is set up for double-bridged commands. If it is set up for single-bridge, then the command is:

./ipmitool -H < ip address > -P "" -t 0x14 raw 0x30 < IPMI cmd > 0 0 < register >
To check/set for single-bridged commands, see DTCDebugLog: 2010-03-29.

For < IPMI cmd >, use 0x1 for read and 0x2 for write. The registers are 8-bit and ipmitool will print the result of a read command as follows:

00 2a
Disregard the 00; the 2a would be the value of the register.

ipmitool code

ipmitool is open-source. Taking /home/msdim/ipmi/ipmitool-1.8.11 as the top level directory:

• The header files are located in include/ipmitool/

• Most of the associated C files are located in lib/

• ipmitool is located in src/

• The interface code for communicating via LAN, BMC, etc is in src/plugins/ (only LAN is used)

(TBW: explanations of ipmitool code structure, important functions/data structures, libraries to use/are necessary)

-- MichaelDimitriyev - 16 Jun 2010

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