Hi All, There has been a major change to the AMC13 firmware which allows:
  1. reloading new firmware from flash without power cycling the crate,
  2. storage of "golden" backup firmware that will be automatically loaded on a power cycle IF the current version of the firmware is detected to be corrupted, allowing the firmware to be reprogrammed without use of JTAG.

To implement this you will need the following firmware files:

curl -O http://jrohlf.web.cern.ch/jrohlf/AMC13T2Header.mcs
curl -O http://jrohlf.web.cern.ch/jrohlf/AMC13T2Golden.mcs
curl -O http://jrohlf.web.cern.ch/jrohlf/AMC13T2v6.mcs

You will have to execute (using AMC13Tools):

PFH = program flash header
PBS  = program spartan "golden" backup firmware into flash
PS  = program current spartan firmware into flash
PV  = program current virtex firmware into flash
(good practice would be to verify the programming with the commands: vfh, vbs, vs, vv)

Then the crate will need to be power cycled. After that new firmware can be loaded from the flash using the command: Lb

-- JimRohlf - 20 Apr 2012

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