All Flash memory programming is done with the Spartan (T2). From T2 firmware version 0x6 onward, the flash memory is organized as follows:

0x000000 header
0x100000 Spartan "golden" backup
0x200000 Spartan
0x400000 Virtex

See AMC13Firmware page for current firmware releases.

NOTE: earlier versions of the spartan firmware (pre v6) use address 0x0 for the Spartan. These modules can be reloaded without a cable by writing v6 to 0x0, powercycling to configure from flash, loading the flash according to the table above, and finally powercycling to get the current configuration.

Instructions on how to update your AMC13 firmware using AMC13Python software (recommended) are here

Instructions on how to update your AMC13 firmware using the xDAQ c++ AMC13Tool executable are here

-- JimRohlf - 26 May 2012

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