AMC13 Class 27 May 2012


  • void reset(int chip);
  • uint32_t parseInputEnableList(string list);
  • void AMCInputEnable(string list);
  • daqLinkEnable(bool b);
  • void fakeDataEnable(bool b);
  • void ttcRxEnable(bool b);
  • void monBufBackPress(bool b);
  • void startRun();
  • void endRun();


  • uint32_t nextEventSize();
  • uint32_t readNextEvent( uint32_t *buffer, uint32_t max_buf);
  • uint32_t readNextEventNoAdvance( uint32_t *buffer, uint32_t max_buf);

General read/write

  • rv read(int chip, const std::string& reg);
  • rv readAddress(int chip, uint32_t add);
  • std::vector readBlock(int chip, const std::string& reg, size_t nWords);
  • std::vector readBlockAddress(int chip, uint32_t add, size_t nWords);
  • size_t readBlockAddress(int chip, uint32_t add, size_t nWords, uint32_t* buffer, size_t bufMax);
  • std::map<std::string, uint32_t> readAllReadable(int chip);
  • void write(int chip, const std::string& reg, rv value);
  • void writeAddress(int chip, rv add, rv value);
  • void writeBlockAddress(int chip, uint32_t add, std::vector data, size_t nWords);
  • void writeQueueAddress(int chip, uint32_t add, std::vector data, size_t nWords);
  • void writeTest(int chip);

-- JimRohlf - 27 May 2012

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