How to log on to 904

hcal904daq01 is in a brand new, not yet fully configured private network 
of B 904. To log in you should first log onto and then:

ssh cms904usr
 ---> use your password for CMS private network
 (for eric PW is "D...4" and can't change it!!!)

ssh hcal904daq01
 ---> you will be prompted for the same password

Environment setup from Dick

setenv EDITOR pico
setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/java
#set path=($path /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_12/bin)
set path=($path /sbin)
set path=($path .)
setenv  LD_LIBRARY_PATH ""

setenv XDAQ_ROOT /opt/xdaq
setenv ROOTSYS /opt/root/hcal-root-5.28.00f-gcc412
setenv PATH ${PATH}:${XDAQ_ROOT}/bin:${ROOTSYS}/bin:/nfshome0/hcalcfg/bin

if (-e ~hcalsw/bin/env.csh) then
source ~hcalsw/bin/env.csh
setenv  LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${HOME}/lib:/usr/local/lib

I then have:

[rkellogg@vmepc-e1x07-06-01 ~]$ which DCC2Tool.exe
-- EricHazen - 30 May 2013
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