Enable Backplane
Read TTC Clock

PLEASE NOTE: These are instructions for users who have an understanding of the Building 28 system and of the AMC13Tool2.exe and is here as a reminder, not as an instruction to using the system. Please do not blindly follow these instruction as incorrect use of these tools could result in corrupted firmware or other unforeseen interference with the Building 28 setup.

Enable AMC13 Backplane Links

1. sign into cmshcal21 daq account

2. Connect to crate 28 AMC13 in AMC13Tool2

> AMC13Tool2.exe -c /home/daq/connections.xml -i hcal.crate28.amc13

3. enable all backplane links

> i 1-12

4. Check clocks on uHTR

Read TTC Clock

2. Connect to crate 28 AMC13 in AMC13Tool2

> AMC13Tool2.exe -c /home/daq/connections.xml -i hcal.crate28.amc13

3a. Check the TTC Clock frequency register on the T2:

Note that the value outputted is the TTC clock frequency divided by 50 and is in hex

For example, if it reads:

which is 801581 in decimal. Multiply by 50 and we get the 40MHz clock (40.079050 MHz in this case)

The this same value is available through the AMC13 status ('st') command, but at a higher level of verbosity:

3b. Check the AMC13 status with level 3 or higher

> st 3

There, you will see a section labeled

"T2_TTC" (Under the State Timers)

And a heading labelled "CLKFREQ"

Under this, the TTC clock frequency (divided by 50) is reported (note that is in decimal)

The default level of status 'st 1' will display many of the most useful information on the AMC13 include: States Timers, Backplane Link information (for enabled slots), number of L1A received, number of events stored in the Monitor buffer, etc.

The 'st' command by itself will use whatever status level was previously used and will default to 'st 1' upon new sessions.

-- DavidZou - 14 Mar 2016

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