A start from Arno, by e-mail 2013-12-03:

As promised here is the first update about the existence of any software writing guidelines: None from xDAQ, TriggerSupervisor, uHal.

This means we should further check Alessandro's code layout and discuss details in the next meeting.

In addition I checked the web and I found some useful discussions about using getters/setters in C++ objects, e.g.:


We've already discussed yesterday that we should use more explicit and reasonable names for classes and variables incl. changing the Wu language. A second point is that we should agree on a convention about how to access internal variables (protected or private) of an object through accessors. I would vote for the following, which is open for discussion:

  • internal variable names should start always with a "_", e.g. int _Internal.
  • The next letter i.e. first letter of the variable should be capitalized in case the variable is protected. For internal variables this letter is always lower case, e.g.
int _Internal1;
double _internal2;
  • getter functions for the protected variables should be named by the variable name without the "_", e.g. object1.Internal() ... Remark: the rest of the capitalization should match the (internal) variable name
  • setter functions should have a "Set" in front, e.g. object2.SetInternal(...)

What do you think?


-- EricHazen - 04 Dec 2013

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