To Do

2016-06-10 (Owen)

  • Dan would like a command in AMC13Tool2.exe that print a history of the commands you entered.

2016-05-31 (Semiray-Owen) DONE!

  • When looking at all the registers by throwing the wild card in AMC13Tool2.exe (rv *status) we noticed that some of the registers that appeared could not be found by looking for those registers with the rv command. For example:
    • 'STATUS.TTC.SGL_BIT_ERRORS_HI' appears when using the wild card but
    • > rv STATUS.TTC.SGL_BIT_ERRORS_HI gives us nothing in the tool.

2016-05-25 (hazen)

  • Add options to "localL1A" command: (Semiray-Owen) DONE!
    • when invoked with no arguments it displays the current settings
    • localL1A reset should restore defaults (set 0x1c to 0)
  • Fix 'bgo' command issues:
    • in 'list' remove 'ena' column, replace with 'repeat'
    • last argument to bgo setting command should be one of "off", "single" or "repeat"
    • allow things like bgo 0 off, bgo 1 repeat which don't change other settings
    • add new command like bgo l1a_offset which sets register CONF.TTC.BGO.L1A_OFFSET


  • Fix MCS file reader so it give sensible error messages when the files is not an MCS file or has other formatting problems.


  • AMC13ToolFlash doesn't work with IP address names or connection files with the "-c" option


  • AMC13Tool2 doesn't handle 9 bit serial numbers in a few cases:
    • fv command
    • flash programming for T2 claims no matching files (probably a 25 vs 45 problem)


  • HyperDAQ improvements
    • Provide menu with level-of-detail select, TTC history, L1A history, register dump, data dump options
    • Restructure code so that top-level page with menu is rendered in
      • Remove HTML header output from Status::Report() (or make optional)

2014-08-22, hazen

Status display, AMC_Links table:

  • Link_Enable is redundant
  • AMC_Words, AMC_Events, AMC_Headers etc should be zero-suppressed

2014-08-07, hazen

When "T" (ttc-loop-back) is enabled, "L" (local triggers) must be also. localTtcSignalEnable() should also call genInternalL1asEnable()

2014-08-06, hazen

1. Use address table names or #define constants instead of hard-wired values in the flash programming code.

2. Add support for file paths in flash programming code (need to separate the file name from the path before parsing the file name). Check for and support "Golden" and "Header" files.

3. selectMcsFile should also take a directory path.

4. Provide return value for flash verify functions

2041-06-10, hazen:

Break up block reads greater than 0x400 32-bit words into multiple reads. File a bug report to UHAL developers that reads greater than about 0x500 words causes the following exception:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'uhal::exception::IPbusCoreResponseCodeSet'
  what():  Returned Header, 0x20180706 ( transaction id = 0x00000018, transaction type = 0x00, word count = 7 ) \
  had response field = 0x06 indicating an error (1025 bytes into IPbus reply payload)
Original sent header was 0x2018080F, 9 bytes into IPbus send payload

A similar ticket has been submitted


2015-12-18 FIXED dgastler 2016-01-08

* AMC13Tool2 pv command breaks if a file in the current directory is not named correctly. eg "AMC13_T1_test.mcs" This will cause an exception and kill the "pv" command even if you aren't going to use that file.

2015-08-06, djarcaro

AMC13 build warnings:

  • src/common/ warning: no return statement in function returning non-void
  • src/common/ warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
  • src/common/ warning: backslash and newline separated by space


  • Add "dump" command to AMC13Tool2. I suggest the following behavior:

If invoked with no arguments, perform the equivalent of the following commands:

  > rv 0 0x2000
  > rs 0 0x1000
with results sent to a file named as follows:
in the current working directory.

It should print a message such as this:

    Dump written to /home/someuser/working/directory/AMC13XGDump_2015-01-03_131532.txt.
    Please e-mail to with details of the conditions under which the dump was captured and the problems experienced.

The command should take a file name as an optional argument and if specified write the dump to that file.

2015-07-13, hazen Done

Fix bugs in AMC13ToolFlash:

  • Environment variable AMC13_ADDRESS_TABLE_PATH should tolerate value ending with "/" or no "/"
  • On the command line, after -c one should be able to specify an IP address with trailing "/c" to use the control hub.

2014-10-31, hazen Done

Display actual state names in TTS status. Probably this is a "format" attribute, with two new values for "raw ttc" and "encoded ttc".

Display SVN version and/or tag in status display.

2015-09-11, hazen Done

  • Adding "nzr" option to status display code to display table row only if the specified item is non-zero. This should allow to handle things like the L1A history (more) gracefully

In AMC13Tool2 and AMC13ToolFlash:

  • Done 7/30/2015 -Zach Collins Restore the function from the old AMC13Tool where you can specify a serial number on the command line and have the tool calculate the default IP address for a connection. This could just be an option for the "-c" switch, e.g. "-c 53" instead of "-c".

-- EricHazen - 10 Jun 2014

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