AMC13 C++ Class

  • Handle more initialization options, esp bits in register 1: [COMPLETE as of 08/16/12]
    • bit 1 - S-link (DAQ Link) enable [ AMC13::daqLinkEna() ]
    • bit 5 - enable TTCrx commands [ AMC13::fakeEvGen() ]
    • bit 7 - enable fake event generator [ AMC13::enableTtcRx() ]
  • Create method which returns the register address upon receiving the register name [COMPLETE as of 08/16/12. AMC13::getAddress() ]


  • add command-line "-x " [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • "rd" should display in 8 columns [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • add filename completion [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • "i", "en" and "enT" should all be synonyms [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
    • handle input link range, i.e. "0-11" and "0, 3-11"
    • add options to "en" command to handle DAQ Link enable, fake event generation "D" and "F"
    • i.e. "en 4,10 d f"
  • too many reset commands! Reduce to "rg" and "rc" for general reset and counters reset, respectively. [COMPLETE as of 08/16/12]
  • ALL hex values should be displayed with "%08x" format (except status display cases) [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • read commands (incl block and FIFO) should display multiple columns (8 words per line) [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
    • MODIFIED if number of words read is <= 16, display in single column. If > 16, display 8 words per line
  • should be able to read more than one time when address is entered by name [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • edit status display so that EVB counters (both 64-bit and 32-bit) are lined up as one, with the 32-bit counters having their upper section blank [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • All read and write commands should treat equivalently an address-name entry and address-integer entry [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • Edit the menu display for greater clarity and accuracy [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • Be more specific with error messages, tailoring them carefully towards specific command-line typos [COMPLETE as of 08/17/12]
  • Add comments to all functions in clarifying function, arguments, and returns

Status Display Maintenance

  • Eric (perhaps with Charlie) needs to in some way, shape, or form prioritize status registers for display (0 being highest priority, 2 being lowest)
  • Eric needs to add descriptions for the following recently added status display registers in, a copy of which can be found in [cms2] ~chill90/:
    • array amc_sync_regs [] (line 139)
    • in array evb_mon_regs []: "LSCDAQ_STATUS" (line 173)
    • in array vol_regs []: "V6_DIE_TEMP" (line 157)

-- EricHazen - 16 Aug 2012

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