This page is designed to help you get familiar with the AMC13Tool C++ software and get comfortable with various AMC13 functionalities. For a more in-depth look at software commands, please visit the AMC13Tool link on the main page. For a more detailed description of certain AMC13 procedures, please visit the AMC13ToolRecipes link on the home page.

Basic Prerequisites

  1. First, you will need to make sure that your AMC13 is properly installed in you uTCA crate and is connected to the network. For information on setting up your AMC13, please visit the Short Specification link on the main page.
  2. Next, you will need to make sure you have a working version of the software. For information on installing the latest release, please visit the AMC13CppSoftware link on the main page.

Getting Started

  1. Before running the tool, you will need to make sure that the environment is correctly set.
    • If you are using xDAQ, run the current release's built-in environment script
            $ source ~daqowner/dist/etc/env.[c]sh
    • If you are using one of the non-xDAQ StandAlone software packages, change to the home directory of the package and run the environment script. For instance:
            $ cd amc13Standalone_RPM_2012_12_04
            $ source uhalEnv.[c]sh
    • NOTE: if you do not want to run these commands every time you open a new terminal, add them to your .bashrc file
  2. Once your environment is properly set, you are ready to run the Tool:
    • If you are using xDAQ (and have installed the release as daqowner):
            $ ~daqowner/dist/bin/AMC13Tool.exe
    • If you are using a non-xDAQ StandAlone software packages, run the executable in the /bin directory of the package's home folder: $ cd amc13Standalone_RPM_2012_12_04 $ ./bin/AMC13Tool
    • NOTE: this executable can be run from any directory, as long as the path to it is correctly specified. If you don't want to specify the path every time, copy the executable to your user directory's /bin folder.
            $ cp amc13Standalone_RPM_2012_12_04/bin/AMC13Tool ~/bin
    • If the Tool has started correctly, you should see an opening display similar to this:
             [cms2] /home/chill90 > AMC13Tool 
            Serial number 9
            spartan IP set to
             virtex IP set to
            Using address tables:
            Pick an action (h for menu):
  3. To view a list of commands, type 'h':
Pick an action (h for menu): h
Command Menu:
------- General Commands -------
q              quit
do <file>      run script <file>
sh <command>   run a shell <command>
------- AMC13 General Commands -------
i <ena_list> (d) (f)    enable AMCs from input list. Enable  (d)AQlink, (f)ake data,
             (t) (l)    use local (T)TC signal, enable (L)ocal triggers,
             (r) (b)    TTC(r)x, monBuf (b)ackpressure
lt <n>/(e)/(d)          send <n> non-periodic local L1As or (e)nable/(d)isable periodic local L1As
tsp (o)/(b)/(r) <n>     set local (O)rN/(B)cN/(R)andom L1A spacing to <n>
mm (e)/(d)              (e)nable/(d)isable mega monitoring
st <level>              display status with <level> of detail (0 least, 2 most, 1 default)
lst                     display SFP and DAQ link status
rg                      reset general (both chips)
rc                      reset counters (virtex)
tre (o) (e)             reset TTC (O)ribit Number and/or TTC (E)vent Number
------- AMC13 Read/Write Commands -------
rs(v)  <add> [count]          single read from spartan (virtex) <add> to <add>+[count]
brs(v) <add> [count]          block read [count] words from spartan (virtex) <add>
frs(v) <add> [count]          fifo read spartan (virtex) <add> [count] times
ws(v)  <add> <data> [count]   single write <data> from spartan (virtex) <add> to <add>+[count]
bws(v) <add> [<data_list>]    block write [<data_list>] from spartan (virtex) <add>
fws(v) <add> [<data_list>]    fifo write [<data_list>] to spartan (virtex) <add>
------- AMC13 DAQ Commands -------
de                          enable DAQ link (from receiver end only!)
dsv (e)/(d)                 (e)nable/(d)isable saving received DAQ data to SDRAM
nw                          display number of DAQ words in buffer
rd                          display event
rk                          display event and check integrity
ne                          next event
df <file> [count] (c) (v)   dump [count] events to <file>, (c) for continuous readout, (v) for verbose mode
          (r) (rh) (rhk)    (r) for reduced dump, (rh) for reduced w/ HTRs, (rhk) for reduced w/ HTRs & errors
------- AMC13 Flash Commands -------
fv         get firmware version
rf <add>   read 256 bytes from flash at <add>
vfh        verify flash header
vs(v)      verify spartan (virtex) flash
vbs        verify backup spartan flash
pfh        program flash header
pbs        program spartan backup flash
ps(v)      program spartan (virtex) flash
L          load both Spartan and Virtex firmware from flash
------- uHTR (or other IPbus device) commands -------
ipadd <ip_addr>         add new IPbus device with <ip_addr>
ipr <n> <addr>          read from <addr> on ipbus device <n> ('a' for all devices)
ipw <n> <addr> <data>   write <data> to <addr> on ipbus device <n> ('a' for all devices)
ipst                    read status from all uhtrs
  1. As a starting procedure, we

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