Using the tool at P5:
  • ssh cmsusr0
  • ssh hcaldaq12 (use bash shell and .bashrc to set enironment)
  • AMC13Tool.exe
  • fv
    • spartan firmware version = 6
    • virtex firmware version = 3

Using the tool at Boston University:

  • ssh daq@cms2
  • cd amc13
  • source hcalupgrade.csh (using tcsh shell)
  • ./bin/linux/x86_64_slc5/AMC13Tool.exe
  • fv
    • spartan firmware version = 6
    • virtex firmware version = 3


fv get firmware version
i init (reset spartan and virtex and enable TTC)
res reset spartan
rev reset virtex
v virtex voltages
t virtex die temperature
enT enable TTC
erT TTC error counts
s(v)T n read spartan (virtex) TTC n times
ras(v) read all spartan (virtex) registers
rs(v) add n single read spartan (virtex) n words from add
rrs(v) read spartan (virtex) by register name
ws(v) add n single write spartan (virtex) n words from add
brs(v) add n block read spartan (virtex) n words from add
frs(v) add n read spartan (virtex) fifo
wrs(v) write spartan (virtex) by register name
bws(v) add data n block write spartan (virtex)
qws(v) add data queued write spartan (virtex) data
fws(v) add data n write spartan (virtex) fifo
rf add read 256 bytes from flash at add
vfh verify flash header
vs(v) verify spartan (virtex) flash
vbs verify spartan backup flash
PFH program flash header
PS(V) program spartan (virtex) flash
PBS program spartan backup flash
L load (both spartan and virtex) firmware from flash

-- JimRohlf - 26 May 2012

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