Each AMC13 has a hardware serial number determined by solder jumpers on the T2 board (8 bits + 1 secret 9th bit). This number determines the MAC address, and is therefore defined as the module serial number, and should be printed visibly on the front panel and on the T3 board. See AMC13BoardDatabase page for a list of serial number ranges in use.

Note: The labeling scheme described below was not consistently used for modules produced before 2014, however the serial number setting scheme applies to all AMC13.

Serial number setting
Example = 2^5 + 2^2 + 2^0 = 35
(click image for larger view)

Every AMC13 consists of a stack of 3 boards, numbered T1, T2, T3 with T1 being the right-most board when the module is oriented as it is installed in the crate. Each board has a serial number for book-keeping purposes, but only the T2 board's serial number is electrically significant.

Each board has a label attached which looks like one of the examples below. These are QR codes which may be scanned with an app on most smart phones, and decode to a URL such as http://db.amc13.info/B.cgi?A0054 for the label on the right. The URL should connect to a database with board information on the AMC13 web site.

T3 board barcode Module serial
number barcode

The serial numbers for the 3 boards and the module are all different, though the last 3 digits may match when the modules are first assembled. The label with the "SN-xxxx" is the module serial number and and should be used to report problems or for inventory purposes.

The details of the label marking and URL are given below.

Label Text QR Code URL Notes
T1-1xxx http://db.amc13.info/B.CGI?B1xxx T1 board serial numbers in range 1001-1999
T2-2xxx http://db.amc13.info/B.CGI?C2xxx T1 board serial numbers in range 2001-2999
low 3 digits = module serial number
T3-3xxx http://db.amc13.info/B.CGI?D3xxx T1 board serial numbers in range 3001-3999
SN-0xxx http://db.amc13.info/B.CGI?A0xxx T1 board serial numbers in range 0000-0999

-- EricHazen - 28 Apr 2014

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