Flash Programming

The AMC13 flash memory is divided into 4 regions as follows:

NOTE: Table needs to be updated with new firmwares

Offset Name File Name Notes Program Command Verify CommandSorted ascending
0x100000 Golden T2 AMC13T2Golden.mcs Backup Spartan firmware pbs vbs
0x0 Header AMC13T2Header.mcs 80 byte header which "never" changes pfh vfh
0x400000 AMC13T1 AMC13T1vX.mcs Current Virtex-6 firmware pk (or pv) vk (or vv)
0x200000 AMC13T2 AMC13T2vX.mcs Current Spartan-6 firmware ps vs

Use the commands listed in the table in the AMC13Tool utility for programming. Current firmware (MCS files) are available in Wu's Directory.

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