Here is a summary table of the current AMC13 firmware variants:

T1 Version Compatible Hardware UseSorted ascending
0x87-0x100 AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPGA CMS HCAL only (now obsolete)
0-0x80 AMC13 V1 with Virtex-6 CMS HCAL only (now obsolete)
0x1000 up AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPGA Fake AMC data generator
0x8000 up AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPG Fermilab g-2 use, up to 3 10GB/s Ethernet links
0x200 up AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPGA general CMS use, up to 3 5GB/s DAQ links
0x4000 up AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPGA HCAL CMS use, 2 5GB/s DAQ links plus local trigger
0xf0-0xff AMC13XG with XC7K325T FPGA Special data test receiver (obsolete)

-- EricHazen - 28 Jan 2016

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