Current AMC Firmware

This page contains current AMC13 firmware. See the page FlashMemory for programming instructions. For versions not listed here, see Wu's directory.

Note that Virtex (T1) and Spartan (T2) versions are tested as pairs, so be sure to update both.

Date Version V/S Documentation T1 zip T1 MCSSorted ascending T2 zip T2 MCS Notes
2012-07-06 VdSb AMC13specVdSb.txt (missing) AMC13T1v0x000d_6vlx130t.mcs AMC13T1v0x000d_6vlx240t.mcs AMC13/ AMC13T2v000b_6slx25t.mcs DAQ Bugs
2012-07-16 V=0x10 S=0xb AMC13specV0x10S0xb.txt AMC13T1v0x0010_6vlx130t.mcs AMC13T1v0x0010_6vlx240t.mcs AMC13/ AMC13T2v000b_6slx25t.mcs Not tested
2012-06-14 V9S8 AMC13specV9S8.txt AMC13T1v9.mcs AMC13T2v8.mcs TTS outputs implemented
2012-06-16 VaS8 AMC13specVaS8.txt AMC13T1va.mcs AMC13T2v8.mcs TTS outputs implemented

NOTE new naming convention for files introduced. AMC13T1v0x000d_6vlx240t.mcs is a T1 board file, hex revision 0x000d, for chip P/N xc6vlx240t. There are two types of AMC13 produced so far. Serial numbers below 16 have LX130T while those 16 and above have LX240T. Be sure to use the correct file.

Backup / Recovery

In addition, as described on the FlashMemory page, there is a header and a backup image in the flash which should not normally need to be programmed. Here are the images for those files.

In case you need to recover an AMC13 with a completely corrupted flash, program the bit file from the table below into the Spartan 6 chip using a Xilinx JTAG cable and Impact software. Then, use AMC13Tool to program the header, golden, spartan and virtex images.

Date File Notes
2012-04-17 AMC13T2Header.mcs Flash Header
2012-04-17 AMC13T2Golden.mcs "Golden" backup image for T2 (Spartan)
2012-04-17 amc13T2v6.bit Binary file for working T2 image for JTAG

-- EricHazen - 18 Jun 2012

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