AMC13 Tool Acquisition and Installation

This software is OBSOLETE. Please see AMC13CppProductionSoftware for information on the new software.

Current code is in the HCAL xDAQ SVN: here. Follow links to trunk/hcalUpgrade/amc13/src/common (sorry!)

Software for use with xDAQ
Software for use without xDAQ
Additional AMC13 Software Links

Software for use with xDAQ

If HCAL xDAQ is installed on your SLC5 machine, and if you have access to the CMS HCAL repository, then you should follow the instructions below to get the latest software for the HCAL Upgrade uTCA electronics. These build notes are based on Jeremy's instructions, as found in the hypernews email that accompanies the latest xDAQ release.

Installation Instructions

The instructions below use release number 11_5_2 as an example. Substitute in the latest release number to get the most up-to-date software.

To install on a teststand (as daqowner) :

  1. Log onto your machine as daqowner using ssh or switch to the daqowner user by doing $ su daqowner. You will need to know the password for daqowner on your machine.
  2. Get the code from the online repository
    • $ wget
  3. Install the release
    • $ perl installDAQ_11_5_2.perl --mode=teststand
  4. You will need to pick the most recent release by setting the ~daqowner/dist symlink
    • $ ~daqowner/common/bin/
    • Choose the most recent release, which is, in this case, 11_5_2
  5. Lastly, you will need to set the environment before using the software
    • $ ~daqowner/dist/etc/env.csh or $ ~daqowner/dist/etc/env.csh
    • In the above command, use .csh if you are running a t-shell or .sh if you are running a bash shell
  6. Now you should be able to use the software! To check, try running AMC13Tool. You will need to set your AMC13 serial number as an environment variable first.
    • For t-shell, do: $ setenv AMC13_SERIAL_NO 9
    • For bash, do: $ export AMC13_SERIAL_NO=9
    • Now you can run the executable: $ AMC13Tool.exe

Software for use without xDAQ

Below are the releases of the standalone, non-xDAQ C++ software for the AMC13. This software requires a CACTUS installation on the host machine. If you have installed CACTUS on SLC5 via YUM or via an RPM build, please use the software under the Software for an RPM Build header. If you are using SL5 or any other OS and installed CACTUS manually (via a checkout of the code from SVN), then use the software under the Software for a Manual Build header.

Software for an RPM Build

Software for a Manual Build

Installation Instructions

  • These instructions are presented as for an RPM build installation, but are identical for a non-RPM build installation

  1. Go the the directory in which you want to install the software on your machine. Then, use wget to download the software using the proper link above. For instance:
  2. Unpack the tarball like so:
       tar -zxvf amc13StandaloneRPM_2012_12_04.tar.gz
    This will create a folder which holds all of the software. You can rename the folder and move it to where you wish.
  3. Go into the newly created folder and set the environment using the .csh script if you are running a t-shell, or .sh if you are running a bash shell. For instance:
       cd amc13StandaloneRPM_2012_12_04/
  4. Now you are ready to build the code. From the same directory (the one with the Makefile in it), do:
  5. Once the code is done building, you are ready to run AMC13Tool. Make sure to set the environment variable AMC13_SERIAL_NO to your AMC13's serial number (found in permenant ink on the front panel of the module). For instance, in the following example, I am preparing to use serial number 9:
       export AMC13_SERIAL_NO=9
       ./bin/AMC13Tool -u
  • You can find detailed documentation on all of the commands and common procedures via the first page of This page will give you instructions on how to update your firmware, enable the AMC13, control the interal TTC signal, take data, etc.

AMC13 Software Links

Additional Links
AMC13 C++ Classes
How to install a xDAQ release
AMC13 xDAQ Configuration Variables
AMC13Tool Specification
Getting started with AMC13Tool
AMC13Tool Recipes

-- CharlieHill - 04 Dec 2012

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