AMC13 Software Meeting 2013-12-05


  • Eric, Arno

We attempted to define more clearly the scope of the project and tasks. First, the project scope:

  • Re-write C++ low-level support code for AMC13
  • API is similar to existing one:
    • set/get methods for parameters on AMC13
    • action methods to change state
  • Structured from the start to fit the Cactus repository project model
  • Python interface provided using BOOST

Some more proposals:

  • All new code based on total re-write of address table
  • No dependencies on HCAL or other software on e.g. cms2

Action items:

  • Work on address table (BU)
  • Write a few sample functions using new address table (BU)
  • Study MP7 and existing AMC13 code and start writing an API specification (BU)
  • Study Cactus project layout and make a skeleton "hello world" project (Arno, BU)
  • Sort out IPBus/uHAL compatibility with various IPBus versions and endianness (Arno, uHAL developers)

Next meeting could be Monday.

-- EricHazen - 05 Dec 2013

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