AMC13 Software Restructuring Meeting Minutes: 2013, December 3

Meeting Minutes were taken retroactively, so some details may be inaccurate or missing. Suggesting that minutes/notes be taken during next meeting.


  • Eric Hazen
  • Arno Heister
  • Jim Rohlf
  • David Zou


  • AMC13 Software requires structuring before broad use from the CMS collaborations at large.
    • Some parts of the code may be difficult to read and some parts may require more detailed commenting
    • David (and perhaps Ben) should take a look at the MP7 code which may give help inspire ideas for AMC13 software restructuring
  • It would be preferable if during rewriting/restructuring if the code follow some type of common style
    • Perhaps Trigger group has a style we could follow, Arno will look into that
    • Would help w/ readability
  • Separate Twiki for restructuring project require for organizing effort
    • Initial Twiki page needs Meeting Minutes and a To Do list.
    • Ideally tasks could be determined and then assigned to be done by appropriate members

Action Items:

  • Create Twiki
  • Research possible standardized code style
  • Look at AMC13 and MP7 code more closely
  • Fill Ben in on meeting's discussion

-- DavidZou - 03 Dec 2013

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