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2010-03-16 (Mike)

I was able to get a simple OpenIPMI program to interface with the board. The program is a trivially (for now) modified version of

and is run:
   $ ./ipmisample lan
The program is very basic--it just loops through the sensors and outputs their readings (temperature, voltage, etc) and waits for any changes.

As for getting/setting registry values, there seems to be some relevant functions in the "ipmi_fru.h" file, namely:

  int ipmi_fru_node_get_field(...)
  int ipmi_fru_node_set_field(...)
The ipmi header files are well commented, so trying to implement the above functions could be a good next step.
 2010-03-12 (hazen)

Updated CPLD firmware, hardware mods. Now, temperature is 25C as expected. Will try to program FPGA flash. Need a binary file... assuming this would be a raw binary image of the MCS hex file. Install the "srecord" Debian package on cms1, convert as follows:

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