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2010-03-10 - Spring break, no notes from Mike, on my own frown
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  Only binary formats are supported (e.g. for Altera *.rpd files or *.bin files for Lattice).
Try to program AVR. Doesn't work:

DIAG (RET=0/0x0): 10
  [ 0] : no action (unsupported)
  [ 1] : (submenu) AVR PROG menu 
  [ 2] : program firmware to AVR flash 
  [ 3] : verify firmware in AVR flash 
  [ 4] : show board information 
  [ 5] : set board information 
  [ 6] : reset AVR device 
  [ ?] : ?: help 
  [ h] : h: help 
  [ q] : q: quit submenu 
AVR (RET=0/0x0): 2
Choose AVR device:
   LED module AVR      : 0
   HS AVR              : 1
   CLOCK PCB AVR       : 2
   HUB PCB AVR         : 3
AVR device (RET=2/0x2): 2
Enter host and file name of AVR firmware hex-image
TFTP: getting BIN file:
TFTP: getting file done (28916 bytes)
avr_prog_enable: ERR retry timeout
AvrProg_Init(2): ERR avr_prog_enable failed
avr_prog_init(2): ERR AvrProg_Init failure -6
Nmch_AvrProgBuf(2): ERR avr_prog_init failure -3
Nmch_AvrProgFile(2): ERR Nmch_AvrProgBuf failure -3

Update MCH firmware to latest using update_firmware with nmch_mch.bin file just received. Power-cycle after. MCH comes up ok, but still can't program AVR.

 2010-01-25 - Working with Mike. Tried to connect to NAT-MCH using USB console. Worked once on Mike's vista laptop, then not again.

Try again on L3 XP machine. First time USB device is unrecognized, but observe that Mike has downloaded the nat-mch.inf file. Use the device manager to load this driver file, then it works using teraterm.

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