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2010-05-20 (Mike)
2010-05-26 (Mike)

The dtc_t2 is now working. I'll just quote the email verbatim:

DTC_T2 is working now. It is now in the crate and
powered up so you can play with. Registers currently
available are:
0x1   pcb version(always reads 0x32)
0x3  FPGA version(always reads 0x1)
0x7  Virtex 6 chip status, bit 1 is its INIT_B signal and bit 0 is its DONE signal.(always reads 0x2 now)
0x8  command register, write 1 to bit 0 reconfigures the FPGA. Other bits implemented but have no function
0x9  enables clock and TTC signals to AMC module in slot 8 thru 1
0xa  bit 3-0 enables clock and TTC signals to AMC module in slot 12 thru 9. bit 7-5 not implemented
0xb  module serial number, now reads 0
0xc  Virtex6 die temperature, now reads 0x19
0xd  T3 configure data CRC bit 7-0
0xe  T3 configure data CRC bit 15-8
0xf  T3 configure data CRC bit 23-16
CRC now reads all 0.


2010-05-25 (Mike)

  An error is generated everytime we tried to program firmware to the t2's flash. As a result, a new one is being made. In the mean time, I reconnected the old dtc test board to the v3.3 mch to test the write function
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