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2010-05-19 (Mike)
 Updated the MCH with firmware sent from NAT. Can no longer access registers on the clock board with

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  Hence, the read function that I have written cannot work.
Update: Natview identifies the DTC properly. However, the option for enabling backwards compatibility has been removed from this firmware release. In order to read/write registers, we must use double-bridged messages:

ipmitool -H -P "" -T 0x82 -B 0 -t 0x14 -b 7 raw 0x30 0x01 0 0 < register >

I now have to modify the code that I have written to include these extra tags -- this just involves giving values to some variables that are NULL at this point, so there should not be any trouble.

 2010-05-07 (Mike) New MCH arrived. Everything seems to be all right--it doesn't have the firmware problems that the first card came with. The IP address of this new card is
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