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2010-04-05 (Mike) Gave up on OpenIPMI -- even with single bridging, it responded with error messages. Furthermore, the code is more or less opaque to me and the documentation is incomplete. Now working with the ipmitool code, which is open source, simpler, and much easier to understand. Most importantly, it works. There is now a watered-down version of ipmitool called "dtc_ipmi":


The makefile in that location has been edited to make this rather than ipmitool. The ipmitool makefile has been renamed "Makefile_orig".

The next step sould be to start building the library. These are the options that I see: 1. Create a library that utilizes the ipmitool library directly and further modify the Makefile to include the new code. (This is more difficult but potentially offers more funtionality) 2. Simply write it to pass arguments directly to dtc_ipmi (or ipmitool), which will take care of sending the ipmi messages via raw. (Easier to accomplish but not ideal)

I will attempt the first option, which is feasible; the second one is available if time gets short.

 2010-03-29 (Mike)

Used mchcfg to enable Backward Compatibility on the MCH. This allows for single bridging--direct access to the DTC.

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