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2010-03-26 (Mike)

Tried talking to the DTC with IPMI commands listed for ipmitool using the "openipmicmd" program in the "sample" folder of the OpenIPMI directory--while it connected and a response was generated, it was the c1h error message--"invalid command."

The difference is that ipmitool allows for "double bridging," whereas the openipmicmd program doesn't seem to.

When looking through the OpenIPMI source, there is a function called "ipmi_format_msg" (lib/ipmi_payload.c) that controls how messagesare formatted when they are sent out. Perhaps editing this will allow for double bridging.

 2010-03-25 (Eric)

Can talk to the module using "raw" IPMI commands with "ipmitool". Using the recipe from NAT's e-mail:

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