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2010-03-25 (Eric)

Can talk to the module using "raw" IPMI commands with "ipmitool". Using the recipe from NAT's e-mail:

> Reading/writing of registers is realized with a vendor specific 
> command via bridged messages:
> ipmitool -H -P "" -T 0x82 -B 0 -t 0x14 -b 7 raw 0x30 
> 0x01 0 0 1
> explanation:
> 0x82 is the carrier number (0x80 + (carrier number * 2)
> 0 is the external ipmi bus for communication between shelf manager an 
> carrier manager
> 0x14 is the i2c address of the clock module
> 7 is the internal ipmi bus for communication between mch and clkmod
> 0x30 is the IPMI_NETFN_CONTR0_REQ for vendor control commands
> 0x01 is the command 'read reg' (implemented by NAT, since it isn't 
> documented in the spec, same for write reg).
> parameter 1 and 2 should be 0, parameter 3 is the register number, 
> return value is the content of the register
> for write register, the command is 0x02
> parameter 1 and 2 are 0, parameter 3 register number, parameter 4 is 
> the value to be written to the register

If we run the command:

   $ ./ipmitool -H -P "" -T 0x82 -B 0 -t 0x14 -b 7 raw 0x30 0x01 0 0 0

This will read from the address specified as the last parameter (0) and we get the value we expect from one of the addresses documented below!

Up to now only following registers are implemented:

0x01    pcb version (set by DIP switches, read only. You may need to 
send a reset to clock board to get pcb version into CPLD)
0x03   FPGA version( set by vhdl code, 0x34 now, read only)
0x07   FPGA status (read only)
             bits 7-3 all read zero
             bit 2 is SPI mux select signal from the uC
             bit 1 is FPGA INIT_B pin
             bit 0 is FPGA DONE pin
0x08   read/write register.
             bit 7-1 are implemeted but have no function
             bit 0 set to 1 and then back to 0 reprograms FPGA

 2010-03-24 (Mike)

The sample OpenIPMI program detects entities which it then tries to label as FRU's or sensors. It seems to handle the sensors okay (it determines that

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