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2010-03-24 (Mike)

The sample OpenIPMI program detects entities which it then tries to label as FRU's or sensors. It seems to handle the sensors okay (it determines that they measure temperature, voltage, ...), but it cannot recognize FRU's. The following is the output of the program while the code is initializing the domain:

   INFO: 0 ipmi_lan.c(connection_up): Connection 0 to the BMC is up
   INFO: 0 ipmi_lan.c(connection_up): Connection to the BMC restored
   SEVR: oem_atca.c(atca_fru_254_get_timestamp_done): Error fetching the FRU timestamp: 0xd3
   SEVR: oem_atca.c(shelf_fru_fetched): Error getting FRU information: 0x10000d3
   EINF: . fru.c(fru_inventory_area_handler): IPMI error getting FRU inventory area: c9
   SEVR: oem_atca.c(shelf_fru_fetched): Error getting FRU information: 0x10000c9
   SEVR: oem_atca.c(alt_shelf_fru_cb): Error getting alternate FRU information: 0xc9
   WARN: entity.c(decode_frudlr): Error getting device ID string from SDR record 8: 22, this entity will be named **INVALID**

The program might not be able to access the SDR (or misreads it). Natview doesn't have a problem reading the SDR and it displays correct names, etc-- so the information is correct. An attempt to access the SDR directly with the addition of

just resulted in a segmentation fault (maybe unrelated).
 *2010-03-18 (hazen) *


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