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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2014-04-29, Dave, wusx


2011-05-05, dzou, wusx

Notes from wusx: initial test of AMC13XG on the special test stand (using ChipScope): Open CHIPSCOPE(v14.5 or later) and loading project file D:\vproject\testAMC\testAMC.runs\impl_3\testAMC.cpj Configure T2 and then T1 with files amc13_t2test.bit and amc13_t1.bit in D:\vproject\testAMC\testAMC.runs\impl_3. Open VIO consoles of MYVIO0 and MYVIO2, set prbssel to 0x111111111111 and amc1 thru amc12 in MYVIO0 would get some counts and then stay unchanging. If any channel is counting continuously, the corresponging AMC Tx/Rx has a proprblem. amc_en in the same window should read 0xfff. Connecting TTC signal to the bottom SFP and you should be able to see TTC clock signals on the terminating resistors on the test stand.

2014-04-29, dzou, wusx

 Power Supply Problems on AMC13 SN54 and SN57
  • MMC programmed to 2.1
  • Putting board into crate and pushing in handle, front panel lights turn off, but then turn back on again after a few moments.
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