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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-04-27, hazen

Install HCAL xDAQ 11.4.0 (as daqowner) per instructions:

To install on a teststand (as daqowner) :
      wget http://cmshcalweb01.cern.ch/hcalsw/release/installDAQ_11_4_0.perl
      perl installDAQ_11_4_0.perl --mode=teststand
      ~daqowner/common/bin/pickRelease.sh (choose 11.4.0)

You can make a code-development area on a teststand or USC using
      perl installDAQ_11_4_0.perl --mode=[teststand|usc]
--ownsource=${HOME}/src/11_4_0 --packages=hcalUpgrade --cvsuser=[your afs id]
You can list multiple packages, separated by commas.

2012-01-10, hazen

Trying to program a new AMC13 MMC. Plug in to crate, connect JTAG ICE 3 cable

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