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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2014-03-12, Eric

Guoan fixed the disk space problem through some partition-rearranging magic a few weeks ago.

Dan moved the uTCA crate into a small rack borrowed from Ed.

HOWTO set fan speeds on the crate:

[cms2] /home/hazen > telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Welcome to NAT-MCH

nat> fan_ctl
FAN control:
  print help menu:     0
  get fan properties:  1
  get fan speed level: 2
  set fan speed level: 3
  set silent:          4
  set loud:            5
  set minimum:         6
  set maximum:         7
Enter mode (RET=3/0x3): 

You can use obvious choices from this list, or enter 3 and pick a number apparently on the scale 1-10


2013-12-05, Eric

Working on cms2

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