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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2013-12-05, Eric

Working on cms2

  • /export/home is full. Note that /dev/sda is 1000G but only 100G is allocated as root. Create a new empty 800G partition as /dev/sda4 . No FS yet.
  • Reboot to get console alive (bypass yum auto-update).
  • Attempt to do updates. Requires root pw which is Guoan one starting with !

2013-11-13, David

Broadcast command (EvN, OrN, BcN reset) problems
  • Using AMC13 SN40 (firmware, T1:0x94, T2:0x17 ), uHTR SN7 in slot AMC2, and TTT SN2, broadcast commands issue resets as expected and EvN/OrN match and BcN match with an offset of 1.
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