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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)
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Capacitor on SN39 T1 was found to be causing short and was replaced. MCH printout while in Cornell crate:
FRU Information:
 FRU  Device  State  Name
  0   MCH      M4    NMCH-CM
  3   mcmc1    M4    NAT-MCH-MCMC
  9   AMC5     M4    BU AMC13
 40   CU1      M4    VT VT095
 41   CU2      M4    VT VT095
 51   PM2      M4    VT UTC010
nat> show_sensorinfo 9
Sensor Information for AMC 5
  #   SDRType  Sensor Entity Inst  Value   State    Name
  0   MDevLoc          0xc1  0x65                   BU AMC13
  0   Full     0xf2    0xc1  0x65  0x01             Hotswap
  1   Full     Temp    0xc1  0x65  26.00     ok     T2 Temp
  2   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x65  12.48     ok     +12V
  3   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x65  3.315     ok     +3.3V
  4   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x65  1.2000    ok     +1.2V
  5   Full     0x08    0xc1  0x65  0x00       0x02  Pwr Good
  6   Full     0x15    0xc1  0x65  0x00       0x01  Alarm Level
  7   Full     0xc0    0xc1  0x65  0x00       0x2d  FPGA Config

2013-09-13, David

Investigating second dead AMC13XG #34 (from Cornell). Board does not seem to be powering up properly. Swapped T1 and T2 board with components from a working AMC13XG (#43).
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