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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)
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  • confirm that #34 doesn't power up in our crate. MMC complains about power out of spec and requests payload power shutdown.
Combined working parts of broken boards (SN39 T2 abd SN34 T1). MCH info of combination in BU crate:
nat> show_fru

FRU Information:
 FRU  Device  State  Name
  0   MCH      M4    NMCH-CM
  3   mcmc1    M4    NAT-MCH-MCMC
 12   AMC8     M4    BU AMC13
 40   CU1      M4    VT VT095
 41   CU2      M4    VT VT095
 50   PM1      M4    VT UTC010
nat> show_sensorinfo 12
Sensor Information for AMC 8
  #   SDRType  Sensor Entity Inst  Value   State  Name
  0   MDevLoc          0xc1  0x68                 BU AMC13
  0   Full     0xf2    0xc1  0x68  0x01        Hotswap
  1   Full     Temp    0xc1  0x68  27.00   ok     T2 Temp
  2   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x68  12.54   ok     +12V
  3   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x68  3.315   ok     +3.3V
  4   Full     Voltage 0xc1  0x68  1.2000  ok     +1.2V
  5   Full     0x08    0xc1  0x68   0x00     0x02  Pwr Good
  6   Full     0x15    0xc1  0x68   0x00     0x01  Alarm Level
  7   Full     0xc0    0xc1  0x68   0x00     0x2d  FPGA Config

2013-09-13, David

Investigating second dead AMC13XG #34 (from Cornell). Board does not seem to be powering up properly. Swapped T1 and T2 board with components from a working AMC13XG (#43).
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