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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-01-10, hazen

Trying to program a new AMC13 MMC. Plug in to crate, connect JTAG ICE 3 cable to JTAG connector. Fails to program. Try to force power on with "pwr_on 9" (it's in AMC slot 4) but doesn't help.


  pwr_on [fru #]
  pwr_off [fru #]

  where [fru #] is the fru number starting with 5 to16. That means if you
  want to switch on e.g. AMC2 use the command "pwr_on 6".

Remembering wisdom of Tom Gorski:

    Maybe grasping at straws here, but if you look at the reset circuit for the AVR on the MMC schematic page, you see that it is important for the IPMI_ENABLE# line to be driven low, in order to release reset. You didn't say what your power situation was to the card. If you had it in a rig with an MCH trying to talk to the card, then the IPMI_ENABLE# line would indeed be zero, and the FET would not be pulling reset low, and the problem is probably somewhere else. On the other hand, if you have the card in a rig with a dumb power supply, then AVR reset will be pulled low unless a shunt is installed at JMP4. Since reset goes to the JTAG connector you might be able to check this with a voltmeter.

This should be taken care of by the uTCA backplane, no? Meanwhile, trying to program the thing in Wu's test fixture. Doesn't work. Checking to be sure jumpers are installed. AHA ... the required ECO (soldered wire) on the T3 board was missing. Now all is OK. One can indeed program the MMC on a new board in a MicroTCA crate.

Another observation: an AMC won't power up fully without the front panel hardware installed, as the handle switch must be depressed for the negotiation with the MMC to complete.


2011-12-06, heister

cms2: SLC5 updated, installation fine tuned, PyChips and microHAL installed for the "daq" user, all tested and works

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