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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2013-09-13, Nic E, David and Eric

Nic E is here with his VT892 crate, PM, MCH and AMC13XG# 34 to diagnose dead AMC13 problems.

  • (Yesterday) Wu looks at #39 T1 board and finds that the +12V draws excessive current above about ~1V:

AMC13XG #39 is dead because most likely one of the components on the 12V line is shorted to ground
so there's no power supply for the module. There are four power ICs and eight capacitors connected to the
12V line. We need to remove these ICs one by one to find the culprit. Capacitors are unlikely the source of the
The ICs are U9, U16, U19 and U13
Caps are C146, C147, C148, C161, C162, C186, C187 and C159

  • confirm that #34 doesn't power up in our crate. MMC complains about power out of spec and requests payload power shutdown.

2013-07-25, Eric and Ben

  • Studying the production-test-kills-the-AMC13 phenomenon
  • Work with SN44, firmware ver 0x17/0x8a
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