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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)
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  • Work with SN44, firmware ver 0x17/0x8a
  • Run some simple command-line tests. log. Things work as we expect.
  • Try running the production test. Various transient errors happen, then we get into the known failure mode where no triggers are seen log.
  • Found that running the production test leaves the "Local Trigger Control" register (0x1c) set to 0xc0000000, which causes the known trigger failure.
    • Quick fix: write "wv 0x1c 0" to set Local Trigger Control back to default
  • Found that multiple runs of the production test can cause the memory error state logged above. In this state, AMC13 data is nonsensical.
    • Desperate fix: write "L" to reconfigure flash

2013-07-12, dzou

  • High rates test w/ AMC13, uHTR, and TTT:
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