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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2013-06-25, dickens, dzou

  • 40 MHz and 900 mV peak to peak square. Testing probe parts:
    • Both probes that connect directly to board have work in previous tests.
    • Oscilloscope Trigger Setup Notes:
      • Chann 2 AWG output signal, Chann 4 probe signal
      • Trigger on Chann 4 Width, Greater than 10.0, Level: -22mV
    • WL-PBus SN 1392: working, SN 1491: working
    • D310 Connector, SN 2067 and 2072: both working
  • Clock Delay test w/ temperature control:
    • Probe on input to U3, Temperature control on U3
    • Delay measured at various temperatures: 30, 35, and 40 Celcius

  • Clock Delay test w/ temperature set at 40 deg C, power off for roughly 8 min, while keeping chip at 40 deg C. Turning on board still gives exponential Clock shift:

Plot of Delay plotted against time after power on


2013-06-24, dickens, dzou

  • Measured the temperature of the U2 chip on T1 before, during, and after the start up of AMC13 SN 33. This provides some insight about the operating range for future , temperature-controlled tests. Please note, however, that the thermistor device functions as a heat sink, so we can expect the actual operating temperature of the chip to be somewhat higher. Setup:
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