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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2013-06-11 dzou, hazen

  • Measuring TTC Clock Phase Shift - Notes on Setup:
  • Agellant AWG 40 MHz 90mV peak to peak output
  • AWG connect by 2 ft onto T on channel 4 of oscilloscope
  • 4ft long cable from T to external clock to TTT
  • D310 differential probe solder to FClkA on AMC13 at backplane connector w/ 100 ohm between the pair
  • AMC13 receiving clock is in slot 8 (SN 43)
* SN AMC13 40, 4ft duplex fiber to B c hann of TTT * Oscilloscope: LeCroy 725 ZI 2.5 GHz

* saved oscilloscope screen shot clocks2.jpg 4.47 ns (after being turned on for a while, before any power cycling) * Cycling handle power of Amc13 that is providing clock (SN 40) - power down for 30 secs - 4.34 ns (clocks3.jpg)

Preliminary Test


2013-06-06 dzou

  • Updates to the T1 firmware version 0x8a seems to fix the errors from 2013-06-04 debug log. Production test can run consecutively on the same board w/o a power reset w/ 0x8a.
  • The board currently in slot AMC13 seems to be SN 40 but is labelled w/ a front panel w/ SN 37. This should be corrected.
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