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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)
2011-12-02, hazen

2011-12-06, hazen

Install 2nd NIC on cmssun2 (old Dell computer, Ubuntu 10.04 OS). Cable to AMC13 in uTCA crate. Install IPBus test firmware from Wu. Install PyChips. Works! (I think).

Flash Programming

Need to essentially port this C++ code (DCC2Programmer.cc) to Python.

Registers accessed in VME code in table below. See Wu's documentation for details of the VME registers, which will be very similar to the ones on AMC13 accessed through IPbus.

Name VME address Description
VME_csr_serial 0x10 bits 31:16 Board serial number
VME_csr_addr 0x10 Status/control register (see documentation)
F_wbuf_addr 0x800-0x8ff flash write buffer
F_rbuf_addr 0xa00-0xaff flash read buffer
F_cmd_addr 0x100 flash command register

2011-12-02, hazen

  Started this log. One dead NAT-MCH at Boston. 2nd NAT-MCH shipped from MN by Jeremy.
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