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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-08-31, hazen

Working on AMC13 "pre-ship" certification test. Firmware up through virtex=0x10 have LSC/LDC implemented and can send DAQ data in the old "Wu" format. ] Enable by turning on "SLINK Enable" (bit 1 in reg 1). There are secret counters which monitor the LDC:

0x10 LDC_accept_cntr
0x11 LDC_abort_cntr
0x12 LDC_ACK_cntr
0x13 LDC_event_cntr
0x14 LDC_word_cntr
0x15 LDC_CRC_bad_cntr
0x16 LDC_SEQ_bad_cntr
0x17 LDC_wc_bad_cntr
0x18 LDC_frame_bad_cntr
0x19 LDC_buf_ovf_cntr
0x1a LDC_CMSCRC_err

2012-08-06, hazen

Download Jeremy's HEAD version from 8/2/12. Compile 3 test BIT/MCS files:

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