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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-08-06, hazen

Download Jeremy's HEAD version from 8/2/12. Compile 3 test BIT/MCS files:

  • Default (jumper/flash set IP address)
  • Fixed I/P address
  • Fixed I/P address

Flash the 1.34 version. Responds to ping and mCTR2tool ok. Now try the fixed 115.254 version. Argh, the "reload" command once again doesn't work. Cycle crate power. It works... can talk to board at above IP.

Now try flashing the "default" firmware. "reload" works. Can still access at 115.254. Verify that SPI flash IP address is 1.32. Remove jumper J1204 and re-power. Still at 115.254 (sigh!). Maybe messed up compiling. Confusion: Slot 5 board had no J1204, but was installed in board in slot 11. Unplug slot 11 board altogether. Still get a ping response from 115.254.

Re-install J1204 jumper on slot 4 and re-power. Still get response from 115.254.

Compile new version with original code but jumper-controlled backup address changed from 115.254 to 115.240. Program this one to flash. (J1204 is installed). Do "reload". Responds at 115.240 as expected. Remove J1204 and re-power. Still at 115.240. Sigh.

Flash same firmware into other board. Same results.

Try setting IP address to (maybe 115 is somehow special). No change.

Per Jeremy's request, program the 0.4.03 version from the web page into slot 11 board. Once again "reload" doesn't work. Power cycle. Can't access the board at all.


2012-08-02, hazen

Re-flash '2012-07-16a' version into both modules. Fix a few bugs in AMC13DaqTest.exe so it can handle nested scripts correctly. Run a few tests with script AMC13DaqTest/test.amc and see same event size in both mCTR. More tomorrow.

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