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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-07-11, hazen

Add two lines below to UCF and recompile per Wu's suggestion:

  NET "*/DAQ_Link_wu/UsrClk" TNM_NET = "DAQ_UsrClk";
  TIMESPEC "TS_DAQ_UsrClk" = PERIOD "DAQ_UsrClk" 8ns HIGH 50%;

MiniCTR2 Programming:

  1) Program the 4.02 firmware bitfile from JTAG.
  2) mCTR2tool.exe -t uhtr
  3) select your device (1).  Then FLASH -> PROGRAM (you'll need an MCS file)
      If Wu's firmware is branched from ours after 3.01, then you can do this with Wu's firmware.
  To change the IP address, use the SPICFG menu of mCTR2tool. 

Our MiniCTR2s are at and


2012-07-10, hazen

Attempting to integrate Wu's DAQ link into uHTR 4.02 release under ISE 13.3 on VirtualBox ampere.bu.edu on Eric's desktop machine.

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