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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-07-10, hazen

Attempting to integrate Wu's DAQ link into uHTR 4.02 release under ISE 13.3 on VirtualBox ampere.bu.edu on Eric's desktop machine.

  • Rename Wu's MiniCTR.vhd to DAQ_Link_wu.vhd and put in .../ctr2/ctr2_uhtr1600/DAQ_Path/ in project
    • Edit to remove chipscope stuff
  • Edit DAQ_Link.vhd to instantiate DAQ_Link_wu.vhd
  • Copy and add other sources:
    • Add CRC16D16.vhd
    • Add Hamming.vhd
    • copy ipcore_dir tree
    • Add dataFIFO.ngc, DataBuf.ngc, TDP16_16.ngc, SDP16_16.ngc

2012-07-09, hazen

Basic DAQ event readout now seems to work. Have added several useful commands

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