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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2016-10-31, hazen

Can't access any microTCA stuff. Pings to MCH go unanswered. Disconnect local Ethernet cable on cmssun1 from local switch, move to direct connection to Vadatech MCH. No luck. Maybe because IP address is

Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 to change IP temporarily to

  # /sbin/ifdown eth1
  # /sbin/ifup eth1

Now I can access the Vadatech MCH. I think the problem is maybe the netmask or something like that. Probably Dan's DHCP experiments frown

Now Johnni says:

ok so Iíve tried various methods now to configure and send BGO commands from AMC13
but I fail completely.

Iím using version: 0x2255 and 0x02e.

Have you tested these versions in the lab recently to make sure you are still able
to configure BGO commands such as Resynch (0x4) and see them in the TTC history?

Reprogram S/N 161 with 0x225b since it's the latest. Create a little script for Jonni:

# demo BGO
# enable AMC13 (needed to start TTC output)
en 1 f t
# channel 0, short command 0x1c
# every 1000 orbits, repeating
bgo 0 short 0xc0 125 1000 repeat
# now set up the history filter to exclude BC0
ttc f s 0 0x01 0xfe
ttc f on
# clear the history and enable
ttc h clr
ttc h on
sleep 0.5
# display the history, last 10 entries
ttc h d

It works on 0x225d.


2016-05-05, hazen

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