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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2016-02-18, dgastler

Update on writing to disk. It appears that data writing to disk is working better now with ~15kHz of 1952byte events going to disk (30MBps).

Tried 8x larger events and 8x slower rate and xdaq died:

InfoSpaces: ApplicationMonitoring
run 102Version 3.7.4
FailedPage last updated: Thu Feb 18 17:16:26 2016 UTC
Caught exception: exception::DiskWriting 'Failed to get value from EVM at http://cms1.bu.edu: 33001/urn:xdaq-application:lid=12/eventCountForLumiSection?ls=25: Couldn't resolve host name' raised at getValueFromEVM(/usr/local/src/xdaq/baseline12/trunk/daq/evb/src/common/bu/RUproxy.cc:553)

2016-02-18, dgastler

 Update on 10Gb slink. Thanks to Dominique and Christoph, the FEROL is now running with the 10Gb link.
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