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Revision 13401 Sep 2015 - EricHazen

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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)
Line: 31 to 30

Use run script and xml file from here: http://ohm.bu.edu/~hazen/CMS/TestStand/xDAQ_2015-08-31/

This seems to work ~ ok but not using locally-compiled libraries. Jeremy says:

Hi Eric,

Ah, now I know what the issue is.  The problem is that hcalTrig is now dependent on the hcalUTCA library, 
so the hcalTrig is pulling in the old hcalUTCA.

Can you move the line with the libhcalUTCA _above_ the hcalTrig line?


Updated connection file for uHTR in slot 7:


This seems to work ~ ok but not clear if it is really using locally-compiled libraries!

2015-06-30, dzou

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