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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2015-08-31, hazen

Trying to get HCAL xDAQ running. First challenge is to get a source tree which will build. First, manage to finally get SVN to stop demanding my password every time, using a variation of the instructions here:


Not certain what I did differently, but had to explicity concatenate my id_rsa.pub to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Now it completes with no password prompts!

Trying this (list of pacakges based on the beginning of the top-level Makefile):

	hcalBase \
	hcalDCC \
	hcalHW \
	hcalOnlineDB \
	hcalTrig \
	hcalAux \
	hcalClassic \
	hcalCalib \
	hcalSupervisor \
	hcalMonVis \
	hcalUpgrade \
	hcalUHTR \
	hcalRBX hcalAlarm hcalCCM \
	hcalDCC/tool hcalOnlineDB/web

Here's the install/build sequence:

$ source /home/daqowner/dist/etc/env.sh
$ perl installDAQ_12_4_9.perl --mode=teststand \
 --ownsource=${HOME}/src/12_4_9 \
 --svnuser=ehazen \
$ cd src/12_4_9/hcal
$ make -j 4 |& tee ~/build_12_4_9_try4.log

The build succeeded!


2015-06-30, dzou

While installing LabTools (impact, chipscope, etc.). There was a problem getting teh Xilinx USB Cable to work. Tried typical troubleshoot suggested in Xilinx forums including manual install scripts. But the Cable was not working (power light should turn on when plugged in while drivers installed correctly and permission set correctly).

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