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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2015-04-08, hazen

Installed Magnum mini-crate with FEROL and 10GbE NIC (I think it's an Emulex OCe10102-N).

Downloaded OneConnect-Flash-10.0.803.37.iso from emulex.com. Make USB stick, but MoBo can't boot from it frown so burn to CD-ROM. But when you boot from the CD-ROM it can't find the utilities it needs!

Here is what I managed:

Copy ISO to both CDROM and USB stick
insert CDROM only and boot from it (F12 for boot menu)
wait for it to time out, failing to find CDROM
insert usbstick

  # mount /dev/sdb /usbdrive
  # cd usbdrive/UFI
  # flash -x -f 10.0.803.31.ufi


Now the fs#@ing computer hangs on some Emulex firmware handshake and won't boot!


2015-03-17, hazen

Attempting to get FEROL (uFEDKIT) working. Dan has installed a 10GbE NIC

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