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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2013-03-09, hazen

Testing firmware 0x222, 0x27 with software rel 34315 on CMS4. Seeing uHAL timeouts while reading data using 'df' command. Example:

  $ AMC13Tool2.exe -c
  $ Address table path "/home/hazen/work/amc13/amc13/etc/amc13" set from AMC13_ADDRESS_TABLE_PATH
  use_ch false
  Created URI from IP address:
    T2: ipbusudp-2.0://
    T1: ipbusudp-2.0://
  Using AMC13 software ver:34315
  > en 1-12 f t
  > localL1A o 1 10
  > lt c
  > lt d
  > df test.dat 9999
   Read 12340 words
   Wrote 12342 words to test.dat
   calling readEvent (53)...

  Caught microHAL exception.
  	Timeout (1000 milliseconds) occurred for UDP receive from target with URI: ipbusudp-2.0://

This problem does not occur when connecting from cms1.bu.edu. Tried both build 32534 (my current) and Dan's test build with uHAL 2.4. Back to cms4, update to 34988 (trunk) and re-build. No improvement.

Seems like some sort of network problem.

Use controlHub, all is well.


2015-02-09, hazen

TTC firmware superficially working. Lots of clean-up on address table to do.

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