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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2015-01-22, dzou

Strange behavior of SN50 board.

  • NVMem IP address saved as on T2
  • When trying to changed with storeConfig gets error: ' Given data "256" is invalid. '
  • Created a special connection file with T2 and T1 ip addresses specified.
  • When checking 'fv' gives: *0: SN: 95 T1v: 021c T2v: 0029 cf: /home/dzou/amc13/amc13/etc/amc13/connectionSN50
    • reports strange SN and T2 has some sort special T2 version.
  • solder blobs correspond to SN50
  • MMC version out of date (current is 2.2 but it has 2.1)
  • Updating MMC to check if problem is fixed..

2015-01-13, hazen

Looking at S/N 75/49 returned from Cornell with an alleged TTC data problem.

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